Salmon has never tasted so delicious with salmon river resources. We are exploring the best salmon that are caught in the rivers around the world! Each river offers something exciting and new but only so many offer salmon too. wants to create the ulitmate list, with your help, for the best tasting salmon caught around the world. We are basing enjoy region and city off size, taste and coloring of the salmon. We want to know the 411 so we can share all this valuable information with fisherman who are denying to catch and find this perfect tasting pieces of salmon. Use and share with your other friends or find friends on our blog network to share photos and outtakes from your fishing trips. There is no need to be ashamed of fishing and hunting for the best piece of salmon anymore! we are encouraging everyone to get out, explore nature and fish away! Share your resources on what tools and items you used to catch the biggest and baddest fish down at the river!

This is a safe community at salmon river resources. Salmon river resources is also perfect to share cooking ideas! Get your wives inputs on your families favorite recipes and meals to share. What kind of wine do you pair up with your salmon? What sides do your wives usually cook? Are the dads the ones who usually cook the salmon? Do you steam, boil or fry or grill it? What kind of flavors do you use to make it taste ohhh so delicious. These are the things we are encouraging you to share with others at salmon river resources. Fish away and find the community of others who are exactly like you and who want to hear all about your fishing trips and just how big that piece of salmon was that you caught!